Meet Debora Allen, BART Director


Devoted leader focused on change



Voice of Hard Working, Committed BART Riders

My name is Debora Allen and I am an elected member of the BART Board of Directors, representing District 1 in Contra Costa County. I take pride in being the voice of the suburban transit rider -- commuter advocate focused on improving both the BART rider experience and working conditions for BART employees. I am also intent on bringing fiscal stability to BART, while prioritizing infrastructure improvements needed to attract new riders and support 21st Century growth. 

Since my 2016 election, I've met with hundreds of BART riders and workers, in addition to countless police officers, firefighters, community service organizations, and elected leaders to ensure I represent ALL BART stakeholders. 

I am a politically independent, experienced and thoughtful leader focused on the transit system BART was designed to be.  Representing central Contra Costa, I bring over 25 years of experience in fiscal management, construction operations, public pensions and decision analysis to the office, and I am working hard for the benefit of our riders, our workers, our community and our taxpayers.

Working for a Better BART!



Rapid transit must be fast, efficient, convenient, attractive, and comfortable. But most importantly, the system must enliven the commuter’s spirits and not be the twice daily nightmare that most existing transit offers.

- Donn Emmons, BART Architect, 1960s




My Vision is aligned with Donn Emmons, one of the original Bay Area architects who designed BART in the 1960s. I'm working to provide a clean, efficient, rapid transit system that enlivens the commuter's experience in a positive way while supporting our many stakeholders. 


Clean Rapid Transit Debora Allen BART



Responsible Reform Takes Time And Commitment







HOLD MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTABLE for the financial stability, affordability and cost effectiveness of BART.


PROVIDE a better BART experience for commuters and workers by focusing BART on its core mission. 


REBUILD infrastructure to provide a sustainable, durable transportation system for future generations.

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REPLACE obsolete, broken  equipment and create a clean and modern transit system.


INTEGRATE other Bay Area transit systems to create greater accessibility and efficiency.


Providing transit should be our primary focus, not housing policy or social experiments.

Replace Obsolete Broken Bay Area Rapid Transit   Integrate Bay Area Rapid Transit    Prioritize Transit Improvements BART 



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